We are building partnerships to transform women’s healthcare in Zambia.


The Story

With 65,000 births each year, Lusaka, Zambia has a tremendous responsiblity for women’s healthcare. At the University of Zambia University Teaching Hospital (UTH), women seek care for the most complicated cases, and the hospital’s resources are so stretched that it is common for mothers to give birth while lying on the floor. Zambia’s women also face the burden of one of the world’s highest rates of cervical cancer, and the limited surgical facilities at UTH mean many women die waiting for care. Zambia’s women deserve better.

The Team

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Global Women’s Health team will lead the project to bring a new era of transformative care to Zambia’s women. The team has started 280,000 adults and children in HIV treatment across 76 clinics and hospitals, screened more than 260,000 Zambian women for cervical cancer and trained more than 10,000 healthcare providers in two decades of commitment to Zambia’s women.  This team is uniquely prepared to provide the training and develop the systems needed to transform the standard of care, improve the quality of treatment and ensure the hospital’s long-term success.

The Hospital

In order to better serve the needs of women in Zambia, the UNC team will partner with UTH and the Zambia government to build a new center for women’s healthcare. This 5,000 m2 hospital will increase not only the capacity for treating women with complex gynecologic cancers and facilitating safe childbirth, but also serve as the launching station for the next generation of OB-GYN doctors in Zambia through specialized training opportunities. The hospital will also be home to groundbreaking research and clinical labwork which will provide sustainable support for the project to continue its investment in women’s care.